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SMZ repair and recondition belt driven and high frequency spindles for machine tools.

At present in the two locations in Italy and Spain a total of more than 1.500 belt driven and high frequency spindles are repaired per year. More than 1.000 of those are repaired in SMZ Italia s.r.l. in Volpiano (TO).

For over 30 years SMZ Italia has been a solid reference for machine tool manufacturers and users throughout Italy and beyond.

Thanks to the large quantity and variety of belt driven and high frequency spindles reconditioned every year, SMZ continuously expands its own expertise and technical knowledge.

All activities of SMZ Italia are based on: quality, speed and punctuality.

These objectives are achieved by:

  • High qualified personnel
  • High precision machinery
  • Measuring and testing certificates
  • Strict internal procedures
  • Large spare parts inventory
  • Very accurate research of purchasing spare parts
  • Digital filing system of the entire repair process

Each step of the repair processing cycle is certified and traceable over time, thanks to a digital filing system.

All repaired belt driven and high frequency spindles come with a 12 months guarantee.

SMZ Italia is able to recondition any type of belt driven and high frequency spindles in exceptionally short times, and is able to return the spindle to the customer with the same accuracy and quality characteristics as a new one.

Partial repair

It is a quick intervention limited to restore the spindle functionality and it does not require the replacement of the bearings.

  • Encoder calibration / replacement
  • Sensors calibration / replacement
  • Clamping unit replacement
  • Balancing

Predictive maintenance

It is an activity to monitor the belt driven and high frequency spindles status, in order to plan in advance eventual repair activities.

  • Initial functioning verification
  • Parameter verifications: vibration, noise, temperatures
  • Bimestrial verifications
  • Results analysis
  • Intervention proposals
  • Improvement proposals

Spindle’s care

SMZ Italia offers a Spindle’s care service, which consists in taking care of your spindles and electrospindles while they are on our premises.

We also offer the possibility to keep in store your spare spindles and electrospindles, in order to guarantee a quick and efficient substitution whenever it is needed.

Your spindles and electrospindles will be stocked in SMZ Spindle’s care area, and we will guarantee that it will be stored correctly and serviced regularly.

When required, your spindle/electrospindle will be returned to you immediately, and the 12 months guarantee will be effective from the delivery date onward.

Your own spindle /electrospindle, stored on SMZ ‘s premises, ready to be mounted/loaded on the machine tool.

  • Correct storage
  • Storage space economy
  • Scheduled running-in
  • 12 months guarantee from the delivery date
  • Immediate delivery

Ball Bearing Screw repair

We can repair the ball bearing screw of many different brands

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